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This game was made during the Isart / TUT Jam 2016 in Tokyo and won a showcase at the Tokyo Game Show the same year

This game was made by :

Takase Yuma (3D Artist) 

Natsumi Hirata (2D Artist)

Yusuke Yamamoto (Programmer)

Liselotte Heimdahl (Art Director)

Federico Giacomini (Lead Programmer)

Axel Rannou (Level Designer / Sound Designer)

This jam was incredible, the teams were composed half of french students and the other half of japanese students and were to participate to a progress review infront of a news team. It was the first time I had a team that big to manage and the experience went very well we got our game featured at the Tokyo Game Show.

Lead Designer / Producer / Programmer


Brainstorming reviews

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Team Management

Design reviews

UI Integration & interface related programming



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