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Level 2 - The Destroyer of worlds
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Level 1 - The First challenge
Level 1 - The First challenge
Level 2 - The Destroyer of worlds

Participate in a deathmatch TV show in this immersive VR experience and fight for your life as you encounter big and strong enemies built to destroy you! Remember, it's either you or them who will make it to the end! 

SIAM was a student project made by a team of 4 designers over a bit more than 3 month.

Designing and creating this game was a real challenge as none of us ever tackled the VR technology. It was the perfect occasion to address the question of motion sickness and interesting inputs for the player. It was my second experience managing a team and I loved it even if it was a real challenge to do so while designing and coding  the whole experience.

Creative Direction / Programmer

Design :


Difficulty curve



AI / Gameplay / Systems

Procedural Bezier curves for moving objects


Voice Acting

Team organization


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