Siegfried et Oewurth

Siegfried et Oewurth
Siegfried et Oewurth
Siegfried et Oewurth

This game was made during the Ubisoft Creative Jam 2018 in Montreal and won the "Technical Challenge" prize

This game was made by :

Raphaëlle Dubois (Art) 

Jean-René Choinière (Programming)

Maxin Daigle (Programming)

Patrice Robitaille (Programming)

Joey Reda (Sound Design)

Game Designer / Producer


Brainstorming  and dev reviews

Team Management

Game Design

Narrative Design

Progression and Narration Programming


Two characters find themselves inside a big puppet theater and will have to fight for their lives in this asymmetric local multiplayer game.


Siegfried a dragon killer, equiped with his virtual headset, his shield and his magic sword, will have to defeat his arch nemesis Oewurth, a demoniac dragon and his hordes of minions in their territory.

In the other end, Oewurth will have to crush his opponent using defensive structures, magical spells and his minions while trying not to be chopped down to pieces by the hero !

Find your way through the multiple ending and enjoy a short and entertaining experience !