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Dum Dum Dinos - Prototype

Trex Squad
Radical Power

Dum Dum Dino is a prototype I'm making on my own during my spare time.

The project started from a protyping tool I was building and I decided to make a game out of it. It is still at an early prototyping state but progress are made on a daily basis.

If you wandered on this page, don't be shy, download the latest version and give your feedbacks so we can make the game grow together.

The concept is a bit similar to a tower defense. The game is divided in phases of around 1 minute, each one starts with the opportunity to construct or upgrade barracks which will send troops on the different lanes. On their way to the enemy base, the units will capture checkpoints which unlock new perks, units and other stuff you can use while you control them.

This project is still under development on Unity 2018.3 .

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