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This interactive multimedia game was designed to create a new collective experience in the fantasy universe. Timber! Forgotten Legends came to life thanks to our expertise and our latest fun and interactive game innovations. We developed a game platform that enabled 400 players to simultaneously interact in real time. Life-sized projections immersed people into a multimedia adventure like no other. Using the multiplayer mobile app, players were able to influence how the story unfolded in real time, follow the evolution of their character and quest, and interact together.

Our life-sized interactive, immersive game had the power to break barriers between theatre and video games!


Lead Programmer


Server programming

Programming team management

Game programming
Mentoring (Design & Programming)

Front-end & Back-end tools programming
Game Design & Balancing
Responsible versioning across all of the studio's projects

Live Event Installation


The experience is not out yet but meanwhile you can read this article about it

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