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Dum Dum Dinos


Dum Dum Dinos is a Strategy & Narrative game about dinosaurs fighting for freedom against evil cats.

Creative Director / Programmer

Game Design

Game programming
Mentoring (Design & Programming)

Tools programming

Events & pitching

Follow Tyson the T-Rex, Carol the Triceratops, and Edwina the Ankylosaurus on an adventure in a new, mysterious world controlled by a tyrannical cat society hell-bent on world domination.

Make choices, construct buildings, lead troops, and use powers to ensure victory and get back home.

  Create An Army — Enlist unusual characters to assemble an army suited to your playstyle.

  Build, Deploy, Battle — Construct battle bases, deploy troops, and command your army while managing multiple battlefields simultaneously.

  Unleash Special Powers — Embody different heroes and use their game-changing abilities.

  Carve Your Own Path — Scout out the mysterious land and make choices that impact the story and gameplay.


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